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Our mission is to promote and develop general physical health by offering the general public a full fitness CrossFit program.

About us

Entirely dedicated to the CrossFit method, a complete and entirely functional method, supervised by certified and devoted coaches, CrossFit 514 is the first fitness centre affiliated in Verdun.

CrossFit 514 offers an original way of training in installations that are totally adapted to the discipline. At each session, you will surpass your own limits and progress efficiently.

The results are fast, you will become stronger, faster and more resistant than you can ever imagine. Furthermore, you will develop other abilities that you will use in your daily activities.

CrossFit training is short, intense and constantly varied. This approach is extremely motivating and allows the achievement of all your personal goals (well-being, weight lost, and preparation for competitions).

Our classes do not exceed 15 people, thus permitting a personal and individual treatment. Our conscientious and passionate trainers will adapt their training sessions to assure personal progress, pleasure yet at the same time providing a secure environment.

« CrossFit 514 is more than a training facility, it is a community.”


Developed by Greg Glassman in the nineties, this training method has for objective to prepare all individuals for unpredictable situations. CrossFit provides functional, intense and varied training.

CrossFit training use functional movements found in our everyday life activities acquired in weightlifting, track and field and gymnastics so as to develop the ten general physical qualities: cardiovascular capacity, endurance, force, strength, flexibility, speed, coordination, agility, balance and precision.

CrossFit sessions last 60 minutes and are usually given in small groups. However, you can also follow private sessions. A trainer always supervises the training, which fosters progress in a secure environment.


« Come and try one of our many introduction sessions ! »

You can come for a free trial at our discovery sessions.

This 30 to 60 minutes session, depending on the participant condition, consists of a warm up, a technical period, a workout of the day (WOD) and cool down session. This session is FREE and you have NO OBLIGATIONS TO SUBSCRIBE. You will leave with aching muscles but totally motivated to come back for other classes. Ask all the questions you want, we are here for you!

After the initiation classes, you are ready to integrate the group classes that you want to follow. You will integrate a community of passionate CrossFitters who enjoys training together. They encourage and support each other at all times during the sessions. You will obtain fast and lasting results while having a lot of fun.

Free Trial


CrossFit training is personalised and takes into account your physical condition and your objectives. The trainers are always there to teach and correct your techniques.

There is a multitude of subscriptions to meet the needs and desires of each. See our SUBSCRIPTION section to familiarize yourself with all available packages. Get your subscription directly online, or visit us at the centre so that we can advise you and analyze, with you, what could fit best with your availability and your needs. In addition, students, senior citizens and first responders benefit from a special subscription.  For those who already have a good experience in CrossFit and want to follow a personal program, a room is totally dedicated. Check out the packages and schedules related to the Open Gym.


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