Yannick Haineault


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Graduated from the University of Montreal, Bachelor of Kinesiology, Yannick reached the threshold he had decided to set a few years ago, thus affirming his involvement with athletes from all fields.

First of all, Yannick’s YMCA coaching training made him discover what would become for him, not just a passion, but a real calling.

Performance specialist, unparalleled physical trainer, Yannick has, over the years, increased the resources available to obtain athletes, the most surprising results, both for the individual athlete and the full team, and this , in a multitude of disciplines.

With several courses through a multitude of sports and techniques, it is without any worry that Yannick, has already established itself in several centers before settling and create Summit, which will give him the means to bring his athletes at a level bordering the peaks.


  • Sc Kinésiologie
  • Préparateur physique niveau national
  • Préparateur physique niveau provincial
  • Préparateur physique niveau collégial
  • Préparateur physique niveau sport étude
  • Formation RCR/DEA
  • Ex-détenteur de la certification d’entraîneur du YMCA
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